We launched our petition 3 months ago and we really need your help to make our campaign achieve its aim, which is to educate jurors about the myths and realities of sexual violence before a trial commences.

As we have witnessed, and are indeed continuing to witness, in the wake of Ched Evans’ conviction and release on licence, there is a still a lot of victim-blaming, misunderstanding about consent, the law and the impacts of sexual violence.

There is a clear need for a wide campaign about consent and the Sexual Offences Act 2003, which is beyond the scope of JURIES.  However, what we can do is ensure that jurors receive a pre-trial briefing which will dispel the myths that so many assume to be fact.

Last week it was reported there is an expected 30% ‘surge’ in the number of rape trials progressing to court.  We want to ensure that those victims and survivors get justice as well as minimise their revictimisation in court.  We welcome the updated CPS-Police Rape Protocol, however, remember that it is juries who make that decision of guilty or not guilty.

Please sign our petition and share, as we cannot do not this on our own.  Our petition is here.

Thank you.