Why  JURIES is an essential service – not a luxury.

My ex partner walked free from court when he was found not guilty of raping and sexually abusing me.  From the second I reported, I was told not to expect a guilty verdict IF it made it to court.

I was fortunate in that my case was referred to the Crown Court by the CPS but I still feel very wounded that he is a free man.

The tide was against me. My rape was historical, so no evidence, and was committed by my partner whilst I was asleep. My sexual abuse took place inside and outside the home.  I was told that people still find it hard to believe that rape happens in a relationship, that somehow consent goes without saying.

I do believe that if JURIES had been involved, my ex would have been found guilty. Such is the strength of rape myths, it requires specialist organisations like JURIES to educate the public.

Partners can and do rape and sexually abuse.

If you are asleep, you cannot consent to sex.

Just because you say no sometimes doesn’t mean you always have the strength to say no.

When you are in a relationship it is pretty impossible to report and you feel so ashamed and brain washed that you keep it secret.

JURIES response – we are very sorry to hear this but sadly, this is not atypical, which is why we passionately believe that if we’re successful in our campaign, more survivors would see their rapists and abusers brought to justice. We would very much like to thank the woman who contacted us for sharing her experience. #Webelieveyou

If you have had a similar experience, you can email us in confidence at jurorsunderstanding@gmail.com